How to fund your trip

Congratulations on deciding to take an adventure of a lifetime! 

International travel is a big financial commitment and will require careful planning.

Below is some information to help you budget you trip and a list of resources we offer to help you pay for your trip. 

Trip cost on 8-month budget

Numbers are based on a $5,000 trip with 3 benchmarks (Most trips will cost less)

Trip cost on a 20-month budget

Number are based on a $5,000 trip with 8 benchmarks (Most trips will cost less)


Travelers who use these resources to the full extent can raise an estimated 20% - 40% of their total cost.

1. Personal Funding Account 

Fill out the info below so we can send you a link to start your Personal Funding Account!

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2. Funding Letter

Sending a personalized letter to family and friends is a great way to raise some of your support. We have provided a sample funding letter written by Courtney Sellers who went on a Letter Trip to Nepal in June 2015. We have found that funding letters raise anywhere from $200 to $1,500.

For a sample funding letter click on the link below!

3. Fundraising Event Ideas 

For a list of fundraising event ideas, click on the link below.

4. Work Assistance Program  

There are a few ways of raising money for your trip by going through our W.A.P.

1. Enroll in our T-shirt program

2. Apply for a Work Assistant Position at Motion Global Headquarters

Resource graph

20% to 40% can be raised using the resources we provide.